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Walmart Drives Social Innovation with SoapBox

Walmart is one of Canada’s largest employers with nearly 95,000 associates operating a growing network of 395 stores. Walmart is using SoapBox to inspire conversations around social innovation and corporate responsibility.

We asked Andrew Telfer, a member of the corporate responsibility team at Walmart Canada, why they are using SoapBox to tap into the collective wisdom of the community.

What is Walmart trying to achieve?

At Walmart Canada, we believe it is important to bring people together to help solve social issues. Our SoapBox forum is a place to share your ideas on today’s most pressing challenges and to advocate for positive change.

The need for change is particularly relevant given the current economic landscape. The economy is lagging and business growth today is especially tough. At times like these, it is beneficial to remember that sustainability and efficiency are connected. By focusing on sustainability, we can become more productive as a business and a better part of the corporate community.

Why did Walmart choose SoapBox?

As a leading innovator in the retail industry, Walmart actively seeks out new ways to drive social innovation and sustainability. We chose SoapBox because it is an intuitive and highly engaging platform that people love using to share ideas and to collaborate. SoapBox engages the community in a positive, action-oriented way. Walmart is very excited to be able to use it to capture creative new ideas that can help inspire and improve social innovation initiatives.

Why is corporate responsibility important to Walmart?

At Walmart, we see corporate responsibility as a way for both our company and community to prosper. Since our beginning in Canada in 1994, we have raised and donated over $230 million which has been provided to Canadian charities. In 2005, we began our sustainability program which is directed by three core goals: to be supplied 100% by renewable energy; to create zero waste; and to sell products that sustain people and the environment. As well, we have a diversity and inclusion team which runs our successful “Women In Retail” program which helps advance female associates to leadership roles. Through these practices we have seen great benefits for the communities we serve, our customers and our staff.

We want to keep corporate responsibility in the spotlight and continue to promote discussions about how businesses can help drive social innovation. Through SoapBox, thought-leaders can share ideas and insights with organizations that, like us, wish to become more sustainable across their business.

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